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Pegasus Equine Operating Table [BO10-1260]

The world's first stainless steel fully hydraulic Equine Operating Table



The market for equine operating table design appears to be dominated by the US made 'Shanks' table. A product made from mild steel which is generally powdercoated. The 'Shanks' table generally has an economic lifespan of 5-7 years.

The majority of equine operating tables on the market today:

* Are made from mild steel. NOT stainless steel

* Are not designed so as to reduce or elimated blood 'pooling' with parts of the table and thereby causing rusting etc.

* The table lift and wing positioning is not automated

* The movement of the 'wings' of the table is generally acheived manually (ie: by manual brute force)

* Do not provide for adequate height spans

* Do not provide for adequate Trendelenburg positioning

* Are heavy and cumbersome to manipulate

* The user accessories are heavy.

The problems with many are in design, materials of manufature, lack of attention to its practical use and no regard for OH&S issues (for the  practioner or staff).


Development of PEGASUS, the Equine Table

Easyvet is proud to announce the development and release of Pegasus and the dawning of a new age in equine operating table design providing durability, ease of use and efficient operations.

The Easyvet Pegasus Equine Operating Table has been developed in response to practioner needs. While Easyvet had, in the past, manufactured operating tables on behalf of other persons, we were not satisfied that the unit produced (specifically to the third parties specifications) was the best way  to go.

Pegasus was developed in collabroration with some leading Sydney based equine specialists. Development sought to address practioner dissatisfaction with the leading brands and to also build-in quality, durability and flexibility.

We know that the purchase of an operating table is a significant investment by equine practitioners - one that they will have to work with for some years. Therefore we have greatly reduced the need for shear brute force just to use the table and have used long lasting high quality materials in its manufacture.


The key features and advantages of Pegasus: 

* Metal work (other than hydraulics) is made from rust free grade 304 stainless steel.

* The table is fully hydraulic including lift, Trendelenburg (4 degrees at either end) and wings

* Hydraulics are activated by hand held radio remote control - auto "on/off" (pump only runs when activated)

* Table has been designed to achieve maximum strength and is capable of holding a payload of a minium of 1.2 tonnes.

* Accessories are easily carried and manipulated

* All cushions have been made from durable moulded closed cell foam.

* Dimensions are 217cm long and 144cm wide.

* Lifts from a minium height of 36cm to a maximum height of 123cm (at cushion top)

* Length (with headboard fitted) 294cm.

* Revolving axle permits the lifting of wheel castors to allow stainless steel pads to secure table on the floor during operations.

* Easy manoeuvrable

* Accessories are - 2 head support peices, 4 leg support poles, IV stand and instrument tray - all in stainless steel.


The estimated economic lift of the Pegasus table is well in excess of 15 years under normal usage conditions (a threefold increase over the effective life of other manufacturers products).

The product has been developed with the co-operation and input of a number of equine practitioners who see the need for a better, more flexible, user friendly table which will last a considerable time longer than other tables currently available.

The Pegasus is a World first for an Australian manufacturer. Its functionality, ease fo use and impressive features make it the Equine table of choice.


Pegasus Equine Operating Table Pegasus Equine Operating Table
Pegasus Equine Operating Table Pegasus Equine Operating Table
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